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Message or Contact us at VIBER & WhatsApp # 09778293838

If you need a private pool you are most welcome to our private hot spring resort pool in Laguna. 

This is the best place for special occasions like debut, Birth day, Wedding Anniversaries or Team building.


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Front View of The Resort

Billiard Table & Kitchen

Swimming Pool & Pavilion

Rooms & Toilet


Adult pool 4.5ft to 5 ½ ft. 
Kids pool 3ft 
1 Master BR, AC, Toilet, Cap. 2 to 3 Pax
2 Bed Room, AC, Common CR, Cap. 4 to 6 pax each
1 Bed Room, AC, Toilet, Cap. 8 to 10 pax 
Kitchen – Range, Refrigerator, Stove, 
Compete set of Cooking utensils 
Entertainmnet Room and Bar at 3rd Floor. 
Barbeque Grill 
Unlimited Videoke 
Parking Capacity of 2 cars 
Capacity of 20 to 25 Persons 
5 Dining tables and 30 Chairs 
Pavilion “big patio” 
Gas stove P300.00 if Necessary 
Poker Chips Rental P200.00 (P1000.00 Deposit) if Necessary 
Mahjong Chips Rental P200.00 (P1000.00 Deposit) if Necessary 
Reservation fee or Down-payment is Non Refundable






Weekend/Holiday:(Friday to Saturday)  

  • Daytime P 8,000.00 (9am to 5pm) 

  • Overnight P 12,000.00 (7pm to 6am)

  • 1-Day P 16,000.00 (9am to 6am or 8pm to 5pm) 

Weekdays(Monday to Thursday)  

  • Daytime P 7,000.00 (9am to 5pm) 

  • Overnight P 10,000.00 (Open time, 12Hours)

  • 1-Day P 14,000.00 (Open time, 22Hours) 


PEAK SEASON RATE: – Dec 15 to Jan 5 and March 15 to June 5 

Weekend/Holiday:(Friday to Saturday) 

  • Daytime P 10,000.00 (9am to 5pm) 

  • Overnight P 14,000.00 (7pm to 6am) 

  • 1-Day P 20,000.00 (9am to 6am or 8pm to 5pm) 

Weekdays: (Monday to Thursday) 

  • Daytime P 9,000.00 (9am to 5pm) 

  • Overnight P 12,000.00 (7pm to 6am) 

  • 1-Day P 18,000.00 (9am to 6am or 8pm to 5pm) 


50% Down payment is required for reservations to be deposit through 


1. BPI family acct no# (6256-2914-85) 

2. BPI express acct no# (1759-0475-12) 

3. B.D.O acct no# (2400-0600-68) 

4. China Bank acct no# (3170-0832-13) 

5. Security Bank acct no# (0392-605300-200) 


Bank Account name Christopher John Sta Maria 

No Down-Payment No Reservation.

Contact no#
Globe 09778293838
Smart 09075527609

ADDRESS - Lake Wood Subdivision Sta Lucia, Lalakay Los Banos Laguna


WAZE - Villa Jun Resort 

Find Christopher John Sta Maria for inquiries. Thank you and good day!

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